Mike Keneally

Mike Keneally, b. 1961, is an American guitar and keyboard player, singer, songwriter and composer. He became known to the music world in the last tour band of Frank Zappa 1988. Since then he's done a wide solo career and he's also played in the bands of Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Dweezil Zappa and Devin Townsend.

Mikko Keinonen

Mikko Keinonen, b. 1972, is a Finnish film maker. He's directed about a hundred different movie and video productions including one long feature, and a number of documentaries, shorts, music videos and concert films. A major part of his productions deals with music and he's worked with dozens of artists from Finland, Russia, France, Canada ja US.

Cast (...by now)

Big Hit Song

Ville Kumpulainen - Litte Big Billy

Tomi Laurikainen - Dancer
Harri Sorjonen - Sleeping man
Risto Nyyssönen - Man with a ball
Tuomas Salolahti
 - Fisherman
Sofia Heiskanen - Knitting girl
Laura Rukola - Dancer
Henna Pöyhönen - Dancer



Amtti Nykänen - Conductor

Harri Sorjonen - Air guitarist

Aapo Rautio - Air guitarist
Jari Somero
- Vegetable percussionist

Mia Korppi - Knitwitch

Sari Linna - Knitwitch

Katri Loponen - Knitwitch

Mylène Meursault - Knitter
Ville Kumpulainen - Litte Big Billy

Harry the Robot - Himself


Tomi Laurikainen - Worker
Harri Sorjonen - Boss

Mylène Meursault - Duck lady

Jari Somero - Anadidaephobic bureaucrat

Ville Kumpulainen - Litte Big Billy

Laura Rukola - Disturbing client

Irina Pelkonen - Disturbing client
Emma Keinonen - Disturbing client

Harry the Robot - Himself


Mikko Keinonen – director, writer, DOP, editor, producer

Risto Nyyssönen – drone operator

Harri Sorjonenlight designer

Mia Korppi – costume designer